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What is e-me?

The e-me Digital Educational Platform for pupils and teachers, implements a safe integrated digital environment for learning, collaboration, communication and networking of all members of the school community.

e-me was created in order to become:

e-me editions

The main, official edition of e-me Digital Educational Platform, which is directed to all students and teachers and - compared to the other editions - has the most recent and complete functionality of e-me.
ONLY users with a Greek School Network (GSN) account can access the official edition of e-me, assuring this way that all the users are certified.
In the official edition of e-me we also provide user support as well as other services that have been referred previously.
By using the official edition of e-me you find yourself in a safe environment where you can cooperate with other certified users from the educational community.


"e-me for all" is directed to everyone who wishes to use the e-me Digital Educational Platform but doesn't have or wants to use a Greek School Network (GSN) account.
It is free and open to everyone: students, teachers, researchers, educators, public and private sector personnel, and others. Access to the platform is given through user registration. "e-me for all" has the same functionality as the official e-me, but it doesn't provide the same level of security as its users are not certified. Moreover, it doesn't provide equivalent services and user support, like the ones offered by the official edition of e-me.



Version 1.9.1

In version 1.9.1 of e-me you can:

  • edit your profile,
  • personalize the platform's appearance and choose language (english or greek),
  • find and connect with other users of e-me by adding them to your personal contacts,
  • communicate with your contacts via direct messages,
  • participate in other Hives or create new ones,
  • post & comment on the Hive wall, using the embedded rich text editor,
  • upload files to your personal cloud storage, keep them in-sync with your personal computer or mobile device and share them with your contacts,
  • create your own interactive learning objects and interactive educational resources in general and share them with other members on the Hive wall,
  • create your e-portfolio and showcase your projects,
  • connect directly to your Greek School Network blog,
  • install and use apps from the e-me store and much more...

e-me news & updates

  • Improved functionalities, faster loading and new design of the messaging app.
  • Update of the core components of "e-me content" app and inclusion of new library (Image Pairing).
  • Improved responsiveness of the User Interface.
  • Bug fixes based on user feedback.
  • New app "e-me content"! It allows the creation of interactive digital educational content (learning objects - educational resources). The app is available for pupils and teachers through the "e-me store".
  • New app "GSN blogs"! It enables the connection of e-me with the "Communities and Blogs" service of the Greek School Network (GSN).
  • Rich Text Editor integration on the Hive wall which allows users to embed digital educational content from "e-me content".
  • Improved display of images in "e-portfolio" app.
  • Faster loading of login page and users' Hives page .
  • Bug fixes based on user feedback.
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Official e-me & "e-me for all"

1. What's the difference between οfficial e-me & "e-me for all"?

Both e-me editions provide the user with the same affordances. Their only difference is on the users who access each e-me environment. Official e-me lays emphasis on its safe environment, where only certified users of the Greek School Network (GSN) can have access. "e-me for all" lays emphasis on its 'openess' and thus gives access via simple registration to any user, who may or may not belong to an educational community.

2. I have an account in "e-me for all" and I just got my account in Greek School Network (GSN). What happens with my previous activity in "e-me for all"?

Your previous activity in "e-me for all" cannot be transferred in official e-me, as there is no connection between your two accounts in the two different editions of e-me. So, you will have to create again any contacts, Hives etc.

Access & Account creation

3. Who can have access to e-me?

e-me addresses all students and all teachers (permanent, adjunct teachers on temporary contracts) of Primary and Secondary Education.

For accessing official e-me the user needs an account in the Greek School Network (GSN). For accessing "e-me for all" any user, even outside the educational community, can register.

4. How can I get an e-me account?

You can directly connect to e-me by using your personal account in the Greek School Network (GSN).

You don't need to ask for any other account or request for your e-me account to be activated. Concerning "e-me for all" you just need to register to get an account.

5. I am a student but I don't have an account in the Greek School Network (GSN). How can I get an account?

To get a certified student account, activate and use your account go to: https://register.sch.gr/students/help/files/egkMailSt_s2.pdf (available in Greek only).

For more information about the Students account service in the Greek School Network (GSN) go to: http://register.sch.gr/students/help/ (available in Greek only).

Help & Training in using e-me

6. How can I start with e-me? Is there any manual about using e-me?

Yes, there is an e-me user guide at: https://e-me.edu.gr/s/eme/main/manual.html

In every chapter of the e-me user guide seek the e-me user guide icon to find relevant info.

7. Who should I ask if I need any help while using e-me?

e-me provides users with support service (Help Desk). You can email your questions at: support@e-me.edu.gr or if needed, you can call at 210 3350859 / 210 3350748.

8. I have detected a problem while using e-me. Where can I report it?

If you detect any problem while using e-me, you can report it at the Comment/ Support application form, at the bottom of your e-me page. Otherwise, if you are outside the e-me environment, you can report the problem by sending an email at: support@e-me.edu.gr


9. What is a Hive and what is it for?

A Hive is the main co-working environment of students and teachers. A Hive has members, a main channel of communication among its members ("Wall"), a working space, shared files, apps and a leader (creator/ administrator).

A Hive is created/ addresses a "team" who cooperate around a certain topic. Such "teams" could be:

- A class (e.g. B2 class)

- A class for a specific course (e.g. B2 Physics class)

- A club of particular interest (e.g. Photography club)

- A group of students of the same or different classes who cooperate on a project

- A group of students on a neighbourhood who cooperate on a local activity (e.g. Recycling in the neighbourhood)

- An entire school grade (e.g. Third grade of Middle School consisting of many classes)

- A cooperative project between two schools

10. I am a student. Can I create a Hive and invite my classmates to become members?

Yes, students can create Hives and become leaders of the Hive. For your classmates to become members of the Hive, they will have to accept your invitation.

11. I am a student. Can I invite my friends from another school to become members of the Hive I created?

Yes, you can as long as they have an account in e-me. Additionally, you need to know their usernames in e-me to invite them.

12. I am a teacher and I want to create a Hive for a class I teach. Are there any ready - made student lists so as to send a massive invitation for them to join the Hive?

No. This service is not available for now.

However, you can adjust your own, already used member lists (e.g. students of a class) to send to all students invitations in the Hives you create.

For example, once you craete a Hive for a class, you need to send an invitation to every student separately so that they participate in the Hive. In every other Hive you create, you can insert the list of members from the previous or another Hive, adjust your member list the way you want by adding or deleting members and then send invitations to all members of your new list.

Storage of Personal Files

13. Is there a storage space in e-me for storing my personal files?

Yes, by using the "Files" app you can have your own storage of personal files. Your files are stored in a cloud- based environment so that keep them synced in your local device (computers, mobile device, tablet) and also share them with other members of the e-me.

14. How much personal storage space do teachers and students have available?

Each of the teachers and students can use an up to 500MB storage space. This storage capacity includes the Hive files created by each member of the e-me.

Questions about the use of e-me platform


1. How can I become a member in a Hive?

To become member of a Hive do the following:

- Look for a -public- Hive and send a participation request to the leader of the Hive as long as the Hive settings permit it. As soon as the leader approves your request you become a member.

- Accept the invitation request the leader of a Hive sends you.

2. How can I leave from a Hive?

To leave from a Hive, go to Public Hives list, select "Edit" and then "Leave".

3. How can I invite members in the Hive I created?

When you enter the Hive you are its leader and you can select "Members" -> "Invite Members" and invite:

- Members who are already in your contacts

- Any member of e-me, who you can find by their username

- Members who already participate in other Hives, where you are also the leader. To do so, you need to select "Hives' Members" so that you can see the list of Hives, for which you are the leader. By selecting one of the Hives you will see a list with the Hive's members who you can invite.

4. Is there a way for the Hive, I will create, not to appear in the search engine results?

Yes there is a way as long as you choose to create a private Hive.

5. What do assistants in a Hive do?

Assistants of the Hive support the leader in managing the wall posts. Leaders of a Hive can set as many members as they choose to be assistants. The member has to accept the request to become an assistant.

6. A member of the Hive has made an insult post in the Hive wall. What can I do?

You can report an insult post or comment of the Hive's wall. The report goes to the Hive's leader and assistants, who are in charge to deal with it. Once the insult post or comment is reported three times, it gets immediately withdrawn from the wall and remains visible only for the leader and the assistants.

7. Can I share files with the members of a Hive?

In every Hive there is a folder "{Hive name}_shared", which is accessible by all members of the Hive who can edit and detele it. You can upload in this folder the file you want and share it with the other members of the Hive. Keep, though, in mind that the other members of the Hive can edit or even delete the file you uploaded. Tip: When sharing files, which you don't want to lose, you'd better keep copies of your files in your personal file storage of the e-me.

Customization of e-me environment

8. Can I customize the platform's appearance and my profile?

In your profile page you can select your profile photo, insert your 'moto' and a short description about you. Also, you can switch the main theme of the e-me home page if you go to "Settings" and choose to upload one of the available themes or upload an image directly from your computer.

9. Can I rearrange the apps' order in e-me home page?

Yes, you can. Choose "Edit" and rearrange the order of appearance of the apps. Also, you can create a new folder of apps by dragging one app on top of the other and by renaming the new folder. Later on you can add more apps in this folder or withdraw apps form the folder. If a folder remains, though, without any content it gets immediately deleted.

Profile/ Contacts

10. How can I add a member of e-me in my contacts?

To add a member of e-me to your contacts go to their public profile page (see next question) and send a "Add Request", which the other member will have to accept.

11. How can I see the public profile of a member of e-me?

To be able to see a public profile of a member of the e-me go to "Contacts". There you can either see the public profile of one of your contacts or you can click the search button and find the profile by inserting their exact username. You can, also, see the public profile of members of the e-me who are members in Hives you also participate.

12. Can I send messages to other members of the e-me?

You can send -or receive- messages only my members who belong to your contacts. To send a message go to messages menu on the top of the home page and select "Create New". Then, insert the username of one or more of your contacts, write your message and click "Send".

13. Can I block a contact of mine so that they don't send me messages?

Yes, you can. Go to "Contacts" and select "Block" for the contact you wish to block so that they stop sending you messages. Any time you choose, you can unblock this contact by selecting "Blocked Members" and clicking on "Unblock".

e-me user manual

e-me user support

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